The Back-to-School Line-up

It’s finally back-to-school time! I have to go register today at the university. Hope that goes well. I have to tell them that I think all of their classes are wrong for me, so I want them to start a new one… how could that not go well? I’m really fairly hopeful, though – the only reason I waste my time in these classes is that they give me a visa. If I can actually get a class that will teach at an intense pace, it wouldn’t be a total waste of money and time. Usually, if you are willing to pay for a teacher, they don’t mind starting a new class. I’m willing. You’d be surprised how valuable GOOD language school becomes when you spend four hours of pointless class everyday. So we’ll give it a try today.

A lot of our friends are making their way back to the city in the next couple of weeks. One of our best friends, St., just got back into town and went to church with us yesterday. How exciting to find out that he’s been reading his Bible faithfully, and he’s anxious to get back into Bible studies and our leadership group meeting! I’m really praying that God will teach him and use him greatly this semester.

Another homecomer showed up at our leadership meeting last night. A. has a lot of Bible knowledge already and a significant leadership position in her school, and I’m praying she starts broadcasting that knowledge this semester. As the oldest Christian in the bunch, she’s the one that best seems to understand the importance and significance of growth. She was pretty excited to hear that we’re starting down the path of renting a larger building. The other don’t really seem to know what to make of it yet. So I try to rant about it wildly every time we meet and act like it’s the summit of Everest.

Bible-college-esque passion-less knowledge accrual is enough to drive me crazy! We have to found our church, and hopefully our movement, in the passion of Acts 4! So last night in our leadership meeting we talked about proofs of the resurrection of Christ. One of those proofs is the dramatic change in the lives of the disciples. They were converted from sheepish, doubting, terrified, hiding, running, denying wimps into rabidly passionate, world-changing, Jesus-preaching warriors seemingly overnight. What happened? They knew about the resurrection, and it was their message to the world.

Our leadership meeting is so much fun. New Christians busting their brains trying to turn to tons of different verses in their brand-new Bibles. They sure ain’t winning any sword drills, but it’s is so awesome to hear them answer questions about witnesses to the resurrection. To hear them laugh when Jesus calms the disciples who think they’ve seen a ghost. To watch them realize in amazement that the Saul of Acts 9 is the author of I Corinthians. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway… big semester. At least, I’m praying so. Pray that each of these leaders will deepen their walk with Christ and become a bold preacher of the Gospel this semester.

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