Impending Crisis

Bible study last night in our home. School is still out, but our space situation is about at a crisis level! We used every seat in my house (plus just about everything resembling a seat), but we just barely had enough. So we’ll grab some chairs of some kind this week and make do for now. It’s hard to be sure what we ought to do with the study right now. It’s extremely frustrating because there’s some real signs that if we applied serious pressure there would be some significant results. If we took steps like moving into a bigger building, having multiple services, doing more activities, etc. there’s some real potential that our audience could grow. It’s hard to resist doing all of that – my language is just not at the point where it needs to be yet, but it’s so difficult to make something like language school your top priority.

We continued last night talking about the claims of Jesus. We looked at the most impossible claim that Jesus made – He claimed to be equal with God. The big point – Jesus is either equal with God or He is a liar. Let’s get rid of the “good guy, good teacher, good example” middle ground. Either He is who He said He was or He was a liar (whatever His motives). If He is equal with God, He died for our sins. If He’s a liar, He died for His own sins.

Curious Fr. gets more uncomfortable every week. He always comes, brings a friend, his friend brings friends (2 last night). He told me the same thing he told me last week: “I still think I need to take a long time to make this decision. I understand how important it is, and I’m just not sure what to think. So I want to read the Bible for myself to find out.” So I asked him if he had done what I asked him to do last week: read his Bible everyday. He hadn’t. I asked him how he was ever going to be able to make this decision if he didn’t read to find out what he was deciding about! He caught on and agreed to try reading the book of John.

Su., who is a member of another underground church in town, still has a certain “I-know-everything-about-the-Bible-already” air to him, but last night he actually asked me some honest questions that he had about the Old Testament and Jesus’ fulfillment of prophecies. He works for a Zionist Jewish college professor, and he mentioned his frustrations that come with working with him and not knowing how to present the Gospel to someone like that.

You can feel the tension growing a little more every week. Since I’ve finished reading the book of John, I can go back over the verses in Chinese now to make sure the meaning of the verses is driven home. Now that I’m at this point in the language, I feel much more confident that what we’re saying is actually getting into their brains, and hopefully their hearts. (more about Chinese Bible reading later!) The more Chinese we bring into the lesson, the more crises we will create! So pray that the Holy Spirit continues to convict the hearts of these students.

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One Comment on “Impending Crisis”

  1. D.. August 24, 2007 at 8:31 am #

    We’re continuing to pray. Appreciate your blog immensely!

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