Silver And Gold Have I None…

I got this card a few weeks ago from a guy who became a Christian this summer:

“Thanks a million for you both to gave me the chance – the first time Bible study, and I met so many wonderful friends. The chance changed me a lot – I became a Christian. It gives me so many stuffs what I was thirsty to get them. You two are so kind that you came to China to save our Chinese. I appreciate it a lot. I like to follow Jesus. So I hope you can give me more opportunities to learn God’s Words…”

Chance. Opportunity. That’s what he’s thankful for. As humans, there really isn’t much of eternal value that we can give to people. But the one thing that we can give to every man is an opportunity. That’s really the point of the Great Commission: “Go give EVERYone an opportunity.” No one should go to Hell because they had no chance. It’s a life-strategy worth contemplating: who am I handing out opportunities to? Who has a chance because of some decisions that I made with my life? How can I plan my life to pass out the maximum number of opportunities?

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