Summer Trip Testimony #3

Here comes another summer trip testimony! It was really exciting to have these students with us this summer. They really got to get their hands dirty in Chinese ministry! If you are interested in making a summer trip, please find a short-term trip with long-term benefits. I’ve made a lot of short-term trips. Some of them were exciting, some were busy, some were tiring, some were fun – but there’s one that impacted me for the rest of my life. ALL MISSIONS TRIPS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!!! There’s one short-term trip that I made during college that I reference everyday on the mission field. Don’t just look for the trip that let’s you do STUFF, look for a trip that lets you do stuff you don’t know how to do! Then you might learn something! (Check out the “Ramblings in North Africa” blog for some great writing on field preparation) Here’s the third trip testimony – another great students who did a great job this summer and let God use her in a terrific way:

“I am personally thankful for the opportunity to come and serve in China this summer. i thas been an answer to my prayers and a wonderful experience to see how the Lord works. This trip has challenged me in may areas – sharing my faith and love for God with others, learning a difficult language, and trusting God for my every need.

I never believed I would have the chance to come to China and see all the things I have. I never thought I would learn so much about China, learn a little of the language, and the Chinese people. I made friends and acquaintances and got to see their interest for the Bible and Jesus grow. There were several that I got to share what God has done and is doing and how we have to trust in Him and be willing to share with others.

I cannot beleive how fast these weeks went by, I really do not want to leave because I was starting to get a hang of language class and taking advantage of chances of using Chinese with the friends I had made. I was getting comfortable sharing my faith with people I did not know very well and see them understand more of what I was teaching.

I pray the Lord will continue to help me to share my faith in the USA as I have here and pray the Lord will allow me to come to China again and share more with my friends and acquaintances. Only the Lord knows what tomorrow holds so we must do everything we can for the Kingdom.”

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