Summer Trip Testimony #2

The following is another testimony from one of the students that gave a large part of their summer to working with us here in China:

“I have learned a lot within these six short weeks here in China:

I have learned that all of China is not as severely closed as people say it is.

I have learned that to tell someone who knows little or nothing about God does not have to take several years to understand, but can understand and get saved within a few short weeks.

I have seen a love for the Word of God which, to my shame, sometimes supassses my own. I have seen people so desperate to hear God’s Word that they crowd stairs and pack churches and even sit outside just to hear something. I have been to underground churches where window and doors are open wide, and the people don’t live in fear of who might see them – though the danger is real. (It reminds me of Daniel praying by his window, even though it was forbidden.)

I have learned that no person, structure, or government can contain the spreading of the Gospel.

I have learned that those who for years have studied Marxism and are members of the Communist Party recognize the hole inside of them and believe in God, though they have always been taught differently.

I have also learned that people don’t read the Bible and pray out of an everday duty, but bcause they simply love the Savior and love to learn more about Him. I have learned how much I don’t live the Christian life consistently as I ought to, or how much I do out of pure duty.

I have learned through disciplig others how much I should study the Bible daily and that I should be excited about God’s Word everytime I open it. I tend to do things out of routine, but in China, I have learned to do things out of love because it is a privilege to have God’s Word.

I have learned that my love for people and the Gospel have not been as much of a focus in my life as they should be. I have learned that I am not as “spiritual” as I think sometimes, but that I still have so much growing to do. I have been challenged to be a better person, Christian, and leader, and I have been challenged to change my heart for God’s heart and to see the world through His eyes. My goal is to have a constant passion for spreading the Gospel to people and to excite other Christians about winning souls for Christ.”

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