We had our Christian leaders meeting last night again. This is definitely going to be my favorite meeting of the week, especially once I can do it in Mandarin. Far more in-depth time than our Thursday Bible study. Last night we talked about the person of Jesus Christ: His claims, His miracles, His deity, and His place in the Trinity. The students really had to dig through their Bibles; it’s great to see their familiarity with the Word of God grow. It’s really amazing to see them connect the dots when truth overlaps. We had six last night, most of our key players were there. I also tried to tell them a little bit about our future, and the possibility of having more Bible studies in the future in more locations around the city. I’m praying that our excitement will become their own and that they too will long for the day when many others in this city worship the true God of Heaven.

Had a good weekend with A. He was worried on Friday because the apartment he was planning on sharing with three other students near his new university in America was no longer an option. One of the other students backed out. His family was very worried because his aunt, who has been arranging all this for him, is only in the States for one more week. And he needed some roommates quickly. He told me about this on Friday, so we prayed about it together. A. was pretty excited to tell me last night that his aunt found a place for him yesterday, in a better situation than the previous. It was awesome to hear him pray and thank his Heavenly Father for meeting his need.

Well, it feels like we managed to squeeze a whole week into a weekend – so much for relaxing! Next weekend we are flying to another city in China for about five days. Please pray for our safe travels.

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