A. has been one of our most exciting relationships we’ve made since coming to Harbin. I talked to him after our first Bible study, and, after talking about sin and salvation, he really wanted to know what he would have to do to become a Christian. He asked me how, repeated it back to me – he was amazed at the simplicity, but pretty excited at the same time! He asked me, “Do you believe in destiny?” I told him that I believe that God was omniscient, and that, according to Acts 17:24-28, He has determined when and where a person lives. A. asked, “But do you think God planned for me to be here tonight to hear this message?”

The only thing more thrilling than knowing the wonder of a relationship with God is watching someone else know the same wonder! A. told me that he would think hard about becoming a Christian. He went home and started reading his Bible. He called me to find out the difference between the Old and New Testaments, where he should start reading, etc. He also wanted to know when the next Bible study was and if he could bring some friends. We got online that night to talk about the first chapter of John, and after discussing some of the harder parts, he suddenly said, “I think I should believe in God. I want to be a Christian.”

I reiterated to him what an important decision that was, and he replied, “I want Jesus to save my soul and forgive my sin.” When we ended our conversation that night, he reminded me, “…and I am serious about this!”

He’s really put his money where his mouth is, too. A. gathered his family around that week and told them about his decision to accept Christ. They told him they respect his decision, but one cousin asked him if she could attend the Bible study with him. She came last week, talked to a worker about salvation, but is hesitating. Pray for her! Yesterday A. finished reading the book of John, and he’s getting started on the book of Acts. Unfortunately, he’s going to the States as an exchange student next month, so we are trying to find him an opportunity to grow in the fellowship of Bible-believers in his new home. A. asked me the other day if we could still study together while he’s in America.

Please pray for these new believers. Almost every one of our workers has a new believer that they work with that has this much excitement and fervor. And as we try to give you exposure to their stories, please keep them in prayer. The only hope for a real movement of discipleship in China is the maturing of these new saints.

One Comment on “Destiny”

  1. Sam W. July 19, 2007 at 5:09 pm #

    Where is A. comming to study in the States?

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