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Rethinking Unreached People Groups (Part 3)

A long time ago, I started a blog series trying to¬†show that a widespread, modern interpretation of the Great Commission was a novel innovation and in fact not what the mission entails. To clarify, I’m talking about the idea that the mission of the church is to reach people from each and every ethnolinguistic group […]

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Rethinking Unreached People Groups

Imagine that you encountered in your travels a person who (O blessed man!) had never been exposed to the game of basketball – or any other game with a goal, for that matter. As you explain the sport to him, the wave of technical terms overwhelms him. He stops you with a confused look on […]

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Is Missional Living the ‘New Legalism’?

A recent post by Anthony Bradley laments what he sees as the establishment of a fresh form of legalism: the push for Western Christians – especially in the suburbs – to live ‘radically’ and ‘missionally.’ He talks about encountering Christian brothers and sisters who struggle with feelings of inadequacy and futility as they work to […]

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