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7 Reasons to Get to the Mission Field Before You’re 30

1. Languages are hard to learn It is very rare to meet a missionary who learned another language later on in life. A foreign language is not an opponent you want to underestimate. It will handicap you for the rest of your ministry unless you take it down early. Facing the challenges of learning a […]

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The Li Bo Perspective #3

Last bit about the Chinese Three-Self Church and whether or not it is wise for missionaries to work in coordination with them. The question that remains to be considered is: is there anything that a missionary is compelled to do that is prohibited by the Three-Self Church? Of course ‘compelled‘ is a tricky word. But […]

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Trends and Traditions

There’s some clear trends among modern missions efforts in China. Missionaries and their organizations are, in general, moving… AWAY from urban centers, TOWARDS rural areas… AWAY from church-planting, TOWARDS supporting roles… AWAY from language-learning, TOWARDS English-based ministry… AWAY from bold witnessing, TOWARDS secretive witnessing… These trends are… discouraging. But over the past couple weeks, I […]

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WHERE: Some Clarifications

There is no surely no more accurate test of a writer’s ability than the way he is understood by his readers. So, yeah, I stink. Anyway, my point is missed… The feedback I’ve gotten from the last couple posts is good, but those who are disagreeing with me are the ones I’m trying to agree […]

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Of Point Guards and Church-Planters

Are foreigners needed in church-planting roles in mainland China? Big implications for that question. Most foreign full-time Christian workers here are banking on a negative answer. Start a coffee-shop for evangelism, have a training conference for pastors, or build an English school for discipleship – these are the basic building blocks of most plans to […]

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Don’t Leave Home Without…

Recently made friends with an American student who is studying Chinese for the summer at our university. He heard like third-hand that we were leading a local church, so after class last week he caught up with me on the elevator and asked if he could come. Turns out he’s also interested in getting involved […]

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