Intro to Missions Course – Part 3

This is the audio from an introductory course on missions that a missionary friend and I taught at our home church. In the third lesson, we talk about what are the proper motivations for involvement in missions. There are some clearly defective motivations that nevertheless seem to propel some Christians. There are, however, multiple ostensibly good motivations […]

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The Lofty Status of Peons

I’ve just got one more post I want to share about our getting the boot. The drama continues there in northeast China, of course. The Chinese pastors occasionally get phone calls from the police. About a week ago, the police wanted them to turn over my bank card number so that they could check to […]

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Answers from the Black Box

In the wake of my expulsion from China, my wife and I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of prayers and kindness on our behalf. Believers and churches from all over the world have contacted us to let us know that they are praying for us and the four churches in our city. At the […]

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A Sharp Turn to the Right

I am writing this on a high speed train from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to the island’s capital, Taipei. Why am I here and not in mainland China? In short, because I have been deported from China. To tell the long story, I have to go back to Easter Sunday two weeks ago. On Easter morning, I […]

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Intro to Missions Course- Part 2

This is the audio from an introductory course on missions that a missionary friend and I taught at our home church. This second lesson talks about what the mission is. It focuses on the OT prophecies of what this NT mission will be. How does Jesus Christ direct us to fulfill this Great Mission given […]

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Intro to Missions Course – Part 1

This is the audio from an introductory course on missions that a missionary friend and I taught at our home church. This first lesson talks about how missions relates to God’s cosmic purposes for mankind. It focuses mainly on a survey of the Old Testament, particularly God’s selection of Abraham and his descendants. How do […]

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Rethinking Unreached People Groups (Part 2)

In the first post about the ‘people groups’ interpretation of the Great Commission, we said that it depicts the ethnic groups of the world as the target or ‘hoop’ of our missions efforts. To be successful by this plan, we must aim to evangelize some from each and every people group on the planet. In […]

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Rethinking Unreached People Groups

Imagine that you encountered in your travels a person who (O blessed man!) had never been exposed to the game of basketball – or any other game with a goal, for that matter. As you explain the sport to him, the wave of technical terms overwhelms him. He stops you with a confused look on […]

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Why Learn Chinese?

Seems that I’ve been talking to a lot of people about language learning lately. So thought I’d try to assemble some of those conversations into a blog post. I live in one of the mission fields where the vast majority of missionaries do not learn to speak the native language. There are at least a […]

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Product and Process

I just finished my rookie season as a parent, so I’m far from knowing it all. But I think I at least have figured out the goal of parenting. Might say it like this: “the goal of parenting is to train a healthy, mature, fully-functioning adult.” I think most parents would agree that this is […]

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